Sandkischt, Restaurant de specialités alsaciennes



the Sandkischt

My long relationship with the Sandkischt has been full of love. Love of the profession, of the human relations, and of the wonderful neighborhood, which is to my eyes the garden of Strasbourg.  

I decorated the 100 year old house with passion and style. It reflects my passion for beautiful things and for human relations, but above all my passion for good food.

I wish that each person who enters the restaurant was hosted with a smile, and could feel the warm atmosphere of the place and of the team.
Once you sit at a table, you will like the good flavor of our dishes and of our “Tartes Flambées”, and the chefs will do their best to satisfy your appetite.

Coming to the Sandkischt should be a true moment of pleasure.

- Sylvaine Honoré -

the Sandkischt
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23, rue de la Carpe Haute | 67000 Strasbourg Robertsau | Téléphone : 03 88 41 90 60 | Fermé le mercredi
Traffix Hébergement, 40euros tout compris